Wednesday, July 22, 2009

elefantric kiss.
so awesome... thanks Rich <3

the progress in screenshot form:

My First Mobile

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My mini-me.
I've had it for 2 years already,
but only now do I have a fabulous camera to take pictures with.
More to come!

Peterson's Great Adventure

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Early one morning in the garden of Le Petit, Peterson the green dinosaur awoke with a grumble. He was filled with worry. He had never heard such funny sounds of gurgling, oogering, gargling, grawkering. "I must be hungry!" he exclaimed and he went on his way to find food.

 He tasted the flowers.  He snacked on the leaves. He dined on the vines. He munched on the mulch. Yet nothing seemed to satiate Peterson's appetite and grumbling.

"Excuse me, Bunny" he asked. "Can you hear my grumbling?" And the bunny listened and heard and didn't know what to say. Concerned that the very hungry dinosaur may start nibbling on him, he hopped away. Peterson, insulted by the assumption because he was after all a vegetarian, carried on.

"Excuse me, human" Peterson asked. "Do you hear my grumbling?" But the human was listening to his iPod and didn't hear Peterson's tummy sounds. By this time, Peterson's grumbling was getting louder and louder and more intolerable by the second. Deeply concerned, he carried on. 

"Excuse me, darkness" Peterson asked. "Do you hear my grumbling?" But the darkness only replied with an echo. Thinking the darkness was mocking him, Peterson carried on feeling even more depressed. He couldn't find anyone to help him.

Eventually Peterson approached a couple of smoochers. Slightly disgusted by their kissing, he braved the awkwardness and asked for their help.

Slightly annoyed by the interruption, the smoochers heard his grumbling and decided to put their kissing on pause. "We can help you if you help us. We are thirsty from kissing for hours, but are too short to drink. Help us reach the water and we will give you a cure for your grumbling."

Peterson thought and his stomach let out the loudest grumble he had ever heard. The elephants took it to be a yes and proceeded with the deal.

Very carefully and with much silliness, Peterson helped the smoochers quench their thirst. As promised, they offered Peterson the most amazing cure for his grumbling. To his amazement...

it worked like a charm.

The Foodies of Le Petit Elefant

The secret ingredients to their squishiness... cupcakes & ice cream!
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