Today (yesterday) was a good day

Friday, April 01, 2011

I ventured to SF to meet with Mie about the children's book (OMG ITS REALLY HAPPENING!!!). Traffic on 880 was a buzz kill so we had to push back the meeting from 11am to 4pm. I got into the city early & decided to do yoga. I was waaaay early & went thrift shopping instead. LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair:
Funny seeing chairs above china.
Inspired by the walking, I decided to table the yoga for after the meeting & enjoy the sunny beautiful day.
I even stumbled upon Lisa Congdon's lil show at Curiosity Shoppe :)
I finaaaaally gave in & indulged in Tartine's Almond & Pecorino sandwich (Sheep cheese & almonds crushed with olive oil, lemon & sage) & Bi-Rite's brown sugar with caramel ginger swirl ice cream. Kid's scoop please!
I love eating dessert before any meal :)
Oh, dolores park. You're the best.

Mie changed the location for the meeting from a coffee shop to a small tucked away juice bar which was absolutely perfect. I had kale, ginger juice + kombucha and we discussed all things from children's books & storefronts. Then, as a nod from the universe, a car pulled up & starting blasting old school R. Kelly. I didn't see the car's owner until he ran back to his car to pump up the volume for remix to Ignition (!?!?!?) and he was filipino! (PINOY PRIDE WHUTTUP! hahaha). Anyway, I was pretty content listening to R. Kelly crooning about car metaphors, sipping on Kombucha and feeling warm California sun. I sealed the deal with yoga & packing my goodies for LA & Unique LA.

It's strange to pack for a craft fair a month before it happens but I'm ready! LA, here I come!
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