Unique LA Day 3: The Final Day & Mother's Day!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Last day & very few pictures to show for it. Oops. It was so busy! But in a good way of course :) I had a lot of entertaining visitors who came up with creative ways to interact with the giant HELLO. Fortunately! I happened to capture my favorite:
This little man was running around the table, picking letters & tossing them in the air. THEN! He started busting out wrestling moves on the O! He threw it down on the ground & pounced it, getting the letter in a headlock of sorts.
Then his mommy took over hehe:
This one was taken by Dabito of Old Brand New:
Overall, I really loved Unique LA! It was fun to put etsy usernames with faces, recognize returning friends & customers, meet & make new friends... I especially loved my neighbors I Heart Pies, Heather & her lovely crew at The Scootabaker for the sweets & happy hour cheer:
Unicorn Crafts for the necklace:
& a special shout & thank you to Margaret of Paper Pastries for making her way to my booth to help me vend despite her injury!

I hope to be in future Unique LA shows! It's soooo gooooooood. I'm absolutely thrilled about my craft fair tour.
OK, on to prepping for Maker Faire!
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