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Monday, August 16, 2010

to show you a preview of what is to appear on etsy in print form. Shout out to Mitchell for the scanning/printing party on Sunday. Just like old (nlc) times.

LA I love you and the only thing bringing me down is leaving you, part 4

I woke up Saturday morning to find a response to my inquiry for Hercules & the Love Affair tickets. YES! Not only were the two tickets still available, they were $25 for both instead of each. Bad news bears: I had to fetch them in Long Beach. LONG BEACH. Sooooooo far away.

Afshin & I, hungover like whoa, walked 2 miles to have brunch (yesss... KALE!) and pick up my car (but not before stopping at the heavily tagged Elliot Smith mural).
We then rallied the troops (Kevin & Victo) to see the show at Flockshop. My parents were outside waiting (yay!) and we snacked on the complimentary sodas & cookies. It was sweet seeing the stuff up--it really all looked fabulous.
Ooga booga upstairs. Feels like a tie dye wall.

Afterwards, we all parted ways & Kevin accompanied me in the adventure that is Long Beach in exchange for some time spent in a used bookstore. We meet my ticket provider at Starbucks and it immediately seems sketch... they're print out tickets. I don't know about you, but I'm very hesitant to buy print out tickets. Anyway, we do the swap and Kevin & I wander around mysterious Long Beach.
We learn that jazz festivals can be expensive (though not as expensive as the music festivals we tend to frequent), you need a key card to sneak into the dock (or you can just sneak in like we did), and that the used bookstore has been condemned (see below).
After feeling like we got what we could out of Long Beach, we head home to cook dinner. More like I nap and he baked this amazing chicken. We pick up Rachel, head to Bruce's, and diiiine like we never dined before!
Quinoa, corn with lime/tabasco dressing, and baked chicken, spinach, sugar snap pea, enoki salad
Snap that photo Mr. Chan!
The corn was brutal with its kernal remains so we all flossed. It was quite intense! Clearly!
Concert time = dance time. So much dancing. So much shimmy shaking. Oh! And best Craigslist exchange ever... not only did the tickets work just fine, the girl texted me to make sure I got in okay and thanked me for trusting her in a highly sketch situation :). Well doesn't that just make you smile!
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