lil miss MONKEY!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

silly silly lady :)

three hours into today and already it's lovely. i got a picture of monkey in my inbox. a delightfully long conversation with a recent 26 year old. harold now has 5 toes (and not 2!). obama is awesome. yoga in 4 hours (can i make it?!). phone date with a lovely kindred soul. touring a boy around my hood who i met on the backpacking road (oh no, im prob gonna look like one of those girls with the blond guy). potential storybook collaborations. mailing a cigarette to make a boy in scotland happy on his birthday... the world is great today!

Happy Birfday!

I actually don't have a stuffed cake (or a real one) for you, Mr. Varnum, so I drew it. Hope that's acceptable. Hello to ms. monkey for me (& david :)

Progress Report #2: Harold

Twinkle toes!! And no, that's not an ice cream cone (yum!). It's his horn! :)

Tree a Day #21

heeeee! I really like this one! I have no idea where it came from but I just started toying with colors and whatever and walla! She's so cute! I can imagine her thinking, TREEEEEES!!

My Zoo

I arranged all my current creations on the couch the other day and my aunt sat in the middle & said, "Pretty soon, it'll be a zoo!" Haha. So, I present you with my growing zoo. Cigarette counts as a mammal or reptile?
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