Teddy Bear Savers, #3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


BK Flea!!

I promised I'd post more pictures. A little late but better late than never! :)
(all photos by my little sister bina)
My new mini radio flyer. It's so cute!Mr. & Mrs. Biggers. Hands-down the sweetest couple I know.
He's soo cuuute. He looked at each plush & handled them so gingerly.
He found a friend!!
Breakfast: blood orange & hibiscus flower doughnuts. YUM! But wayyy sweet after a while.
me & my mini substitute lady. She's so tiny compared to the usual one.
Mini cupcakes kitty-corner from my booth... deliciously dangerous. Flavors: red velvet, passion fruit, fresh strawberry, chocolate-caramel-fleur-de-sel. You got one if you were a visiting friend/helper. I have to say Mrs. Biggers came away the winner with 4 cupcakes hehe.
These were from the following week. Whaaat! She had new flavors!! Maple sugar bacon & root beer float (with fresh, cold creme icing). There was also a boba table DIRECTLY ACROSS. DIRECTLY. Ackkk! So I got some for David, Bina & myself by way of trading. Paper Airplane seems to be the popular print amongst trading vendors
She gave us these ones for free because they were smushed. Still tasted great!
Lunch: Asian fusion hotdogs. Pretty darn tasty.
Downward dog lady!!
More food. Hey, you have to stay well fed at these things. Especially if there's a smorgasbord of delicious dishes around you.
Sissy working the table.
So second week of the fair, I basically got rained out. It was somewhat miserable but dang, New Yorkers don't stress!! I still met lots of people and made sales. I closed up shop early only to have the day refunded. I have nothing but positive things to say about the fine folks of Brooklyn Flea. It was an honor to vend there & with all the vendors.

After the fair, I ventured with Bina to Boka to use a groupon. Oh god. It was so good. The perfect thing to warm my damp feet. Korean fried chicken & bibimbap!
We also got one of those soju watermelon things. TASTY!
&.... momofuku compost cookies & birthday cake truffles for dessert :)
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