On the Road Again...!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm on the road again and like old times I've been moving non-stop. It's wonderful! I booked my ticket a week ago on a whim & like magic, it happened to coincide with David's next music video. And what was even more magical... he asked me to be his production designer :) Heyyyyyy!! SO! What was a vacation turned into a working business trip! Hip hip hooray!


Tuesday, 3:30pm: Departed from San Jose.
Tuesday, 9:15pm: Arrived in Los Angeles & ate the Korean BBQ leftovers of Rachel, Germain, Bruce & Kevin :)
We worked. We drank. We watched Mad Men.
Wednesday, 9:30am: Made avocado & coconut water smoothies for Kevin,
worked at Rachel's with Germain & Rachel, &
boarded plane bound for NYC.
Thursday, 3:00am: Checked into Brian's couch on Foursquare, went over the props list with David & bed
Thursday, 9:00am: Woke up, got ready & headed into Paradoxal. Met the crew & ventured into the city beginning the most awesome scavenger hunt for props.
Some lucky finds in a basement thrift shop in UWS
A woman wearing a giant Barber Shop sign led me to this win. This old fashioned razor is from Russia. Good quality, the shop owner assured me. 'Can't find this anywhere else!'
Hopped on a train to LES & strolled to Economy Candy to
pick up some pez dispensers.
Then to a Halloween superstore to buy other random things. Sad, I had no one to take my picture.
Found Abracadabra, a joke shop near Union Square/Chelsea to buy some silly string & human meat (yay it's always sunny)
Freddy & Donatello say hi. YEAH NEW LINE!
Took a break from the search to walk through Madison Square Park's holiday night market. I made a friend and he got me excited about participating next year! It's so fun and one of the classiest holiday markets I've attended. Such a happy stumble.
Hundreds of dangling light bulbs. Daytime.
The view from the Standard Hotel near Highline Park
to celebrate music videos! Yay David!
Yay Brian & Yeti!
Mmmm... goodnight New York City. So good to see you again.

Tomorrow will be INTENSE! I can feel it. Time to produce 30 inhalers & other misc. props! WOO! The goal is to finish in time for the Kisses show. That or the book signing/art show opening at Powerhouse Books in DUMBO. Oh brother I love this city!
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