Never for money, always for love

Thursday, September 02, 2010

As cliche as that sounds, it's quite true. It's tough trying to keep the excitement in art when it becomes your main source of income. Like a very long marriage. You gotta find ways to keep the flaming going, rolling with the punches and changes. I'm learning that there isn't a balance between work and play... it's a sense of harmony. And boy oh boy, is it a struggle to find & maintain. I've been trying my hardest darnest! I guess that's why I've disappeared for a bit. Well, I'm back! Hi! Here are some scattered photos of my recent whereabouts.
Oh, little miss Monkey kitty. James & I spent more than an hour just exchanging pictures and "awww!!"s regarding Monkey. I even talked to her on the phone and eventually through webcam. Yes, I know it's ridiculous. I just love that cute little face!
in & out + crafts = !!!!
I ventured to Santa Cruz to indulge in Marianne's ice cream and the wonderful company of Ravi & Joe. Look at those brahs.
Speaking of brahs... here's a couple more preparing the group dinner at Adam & Kharlo's. I love cooking dinner with friends... one of my favorite things about being in LA. It's nice knowing I can find it in San Jose too.
Pasta sauce with tofu goodness
big canteen little canteen
Finally using my indian silk for a tin can pillow set custom order. Look at that shine! :D
Stuffing the pillows after midnight. Oh, I'm so tired!
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