Renegade Craft Fair Day 2

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because I sold my tin can pillow set & oh hi pillow, I had to do some major redesign on my table. Cabinet of Curiosities to the rescue!! It was a lovely addition and never fell once despite the strong winds. I hated telling people it wasn't for sale... I'm still quite attached to it! It was a very productive day: I sewed three whales (two of 'em are now with new families!) and finally found the time to leave the booth to explore. Hoorah!Sunday is Kids Day! Lots 'n lots of families today, just as Margaret of Paper Pastries told Victo & I on Saturday. It was so much fun! I loved all the kids running & sifting through here:
to find a friend. And all the babies laughing & pointing at my mobile:
spinning in the wind. We geeked out with our neighbors:
about scott pilgrim. YES! The folks later came, relieved us of our duties and fed us with delicious pasta, dried apples, chocolate covered ginger, and kettle corn. They entertained us from afar with their frisbee playing & kite flying.
Kevin gets points for staying there for helping set up & staying for the whole day. Brendan gets points for us finally meeting, haha.
Perhaps not the most flattering picture of me, but I think it accurately describes how I felt at the end of the two days... pooped yet happily proud! Mission accomplished! (still trying to figure out who took that picture of me on my own phone, haha)
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