It is not impossible to use a paper cutter in a car

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I used a filter on this photo for added ridiculousness. Like, why would you want to make that look artsy? I don't know. Because I can.

I can't tell if I'm simply burnt out from December or if LA makes me lazy. Either way my productivity hasn't been at its usual high. Business is also a bit slower but it's times like these I have to remind myself not to be discouraged by slowness. Instead I have to think of them as opportunities to do personal projects. My resolution for my birthday year is to find stability to counter & compliment the prior year's movement. I seem to still be moving around a lot. Oops!

On that note, I'm going to Hong Kong!!! So expect some adventure/travel posts in the near future. I haven't been in another country in 8 months and eek, that's far too long. I bought the ticket with James on Christmas Eve & it was probably the best gift I could have given myself in light of the holiday stress & intense work. Hopefully after Hong Kong I'll be ready to jump into the work.

this is what came of some of those vegetables

totally pulled a bruce with this shot
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