The Books & Near Death Experiences

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

armed with my usual pot of genmaicha tea, i sewed like whoa at casbah cafe, my sliverlake coffee shop of choice. boo on you intelligentsia!
i sewed an H, a mustached S, a whale & an elephant in one afternoon! my reward: toffee + candied pecan & madagascar vanilla gelato with a sampling of sea salt caramel gelato at pazzo. yum!
then it was off to the books for the ultimate reward :) this song is one of my favorites to see live.
them playing the song live!
and this one was kevin's favorite:

mmmm... covering nick drake's cello song. so good.
on my last day, i started matt's custom order as rachel drew plans for a fancy garden. then, kevin treated me to a fancy dinner. whuttaguy!
this is the dish that nearly killed him later that night. maybe. booo on you chestnuts.
cherry 'bread pudding' & i duno... some bittersweet chocolate tart deliciousness with hazelnut ice cream
such handsome grays
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