Away to Japan & South Korea we go!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yeeeeeee!!! Tomorrow I leave for Osaka with Kevin joining me Saturday in Tokyo. 

I had planned to close the online shops but because of the Postcard from Abroad listing, as noted by Justine (thank you thank you!), the Etsy shop will remain open. But do note: all items ordered after JAN 30 will ship AFTER FEB 18. If you order in error a refund can be issued, but please do keep the shipping date in mind when ordering.

Our itinerary:
Jan 31-Feb 2: Osaka
Feb 2-5: Tokyo (Ghibli Museum on Feb. 4)
Feb 5-8: Sapporo (snow festival yeee!)
Feb 8-9: Kyoto
Feb 10: Shirakawa-go
Feb 11: Koyasan
Feb 12-13: Osaka
Feb 13-17: South Korea (not sure what we're doing. Kevin's handling the itinerary.)

I'm detailing the itinerary for those interested in ordering a "Postcard from Abroad" while I'm in any of those locations. Make sure to include a note if you have a preference for a subject/location.

OK, I'm off to pack. See you in Japan & South Korea!

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