Progress Report #2: Tri's not-so-lil eles

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I finished one kinda! She has no floppy ears but she's suuuuper squishy & soft :)

Tree a Day #15: up UP & away

happy to see how far I've come
to the same place it began
my dreams and imagination perfectly at peace
so I move along a bit higher
(kid cudi)

Divisoria Market FTW!

(1) yard of fuzzy fur
(1) yard of velvet
(1) yard of lace
(1) yard sparkly gold spandex
(12) headbands
(24) embroidery floss thingies
(3) packs of googly eyes
(8) fancy buttons
(12) hot glue gun stix
(5) yards of elastic
grand total: >$25 :)

if anyone wants a very fuzzy monster with a gold, shiny belly, I'm your girl! Oh how I love the Philippines! :D
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