UPDATE: Disney's WonderGround Gallery

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm so excited for the opening of WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District  at the Disneyland® Resort! This is just one of my two pieces on display. I'll be there signing 11am-1pm (eeeee!!!) along with several talented artists. Make sure you peruse through the site to see teasers of other incredible pieces. I can't wait to see you there. I guarantee you won't see me any happier. Unless you bring a baby elephant. And ice cream. But I might explode. More info below:

WonderGround Gallery - Opening June 9, 2012

Distinctive, eclectic and uncommon, this contemporary setting is, in itself, a blank canvas, providing the ultimate venue where unique art collections, works from a new generation of artists and unexpected finds in home and lifestyle merchandise, take center stage. WonderGround Gallery draws inspiration from Disney's deeply rooted art and storytelling-driven heritage - especially the idea of stepping through the looking glass, which the greatest of art allows us to do. 

Showcasing artwork inspired by Disney-Pixar films, characters and icons, as well as paying tribute to the one and only Mickey Mouse, more than 25 local and domestic up-and-coming artists will have their unique interpretations available for you to add to your Disney collection. This variety of commissioned, original and limited-edition artwork reflecting various styles, techniques and mediums will provide an eclectic environment in this store. 

Grand Opening Events ~
Saturday, June 9, 2012
The following artists will take part in a special appearance and signing on
Saturday, June 9, 2012 at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District.
11 am - 1pm
Brigette Barrager, J. Scott Campbell, Martin Hsu, Amy Mebberson, Miss Mindy,
Noah, Genevieve Santos and Lyla Warren
3 pm - 5pm
Stacey Aoyama, Sean Chao, Sean D'Anconia, Danny Handke, Jerrod Maruyama, Michelle Romo,
Jared Andrew Schorr and Frank Svengsouk

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