The Mind of a Chef

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Something completely unrelated to illustrations, entirely related to food and in my opinion, definitely about art, I started watching PBS's The Mind of a Chef. The show follows David Chang (restauranteur and mastermind behind Momofuku) as he explores the science of, the stories behind, and the deliciousness of food. Anthony Bourdain narrates the show so it feels like No Reservations but is really more of a TV version of Lucky Peach magazine. I LOVE it. I'm only 4 episodes in but the first episode, "Noodle", has me salivating and itching to visit Japan again. He also makes gnocchi out instant ramen. WHAAAAAT!! Watch it below (or on Netflix).

Actually, scratch that. It is related to illustration because there are some sweeeeeeet animated sequences thrown in, too. It has everything!
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