A Trip Down Memory/Productivity Lane

Monday, October 04, 2010

Today, I spent the afternoon in Willow Glen and rediscovered Hicklebee's Bookstore. This is the bookstore I frequented when I was a kid, at least once a week for most of my life. Love love love this bookstore.
I spent some time sifting through books, sprawled out on the floor like a kid flipping through to look at the pictures. It was perfect for getting me in the mood for work.
I spent the rest of the afternoon at the Willow Glen coffee shop where I storyboarded for my Oliver Jeffers contest submission, sketched out more calendar illustrations, and devised christmas cards.
Today was productive & magical. I couldn't ask for more than that really. Now, to do the animatic. I'm on fire!


clearly means nothing to me. I have a journal/sketchbook for every occasion! Ok, ready to bounce & get work done... storyboards, xmas cards & paintings!
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