RCF Prep: LPE Banner Progress #3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I made e-l-e-f-a-n-t flags in case people are dumb & mistake my company name for "le petit" + picture of an elefant.

Pre-birthday Birthday Party!

I share my birthday with Jenna, an amazing gal from USC who happened to enroll in the same electives as me Freshmen year. What are the odds!! She went to high school with Bruce, who threw us a joint birthday rooftop party on Saturday. It was deliciously fun, regardless of the heat. Here's the spectacular invite:
how could you not come?

James, Victo & I arrived early to help Bruce erect his canopy using rope, zipties, & bamboo. It was quite the endeavor & a feat for the "men at work."
And after lots of sweating, hard work & watermelon breaks... we did it!
Bruce taking his usual low angled, portrait/food camera shot.
everyone gathered by light/campfire... photo & light a la graham

thanks to everyone for coming. hoorah!
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