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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fighting the Good Fight, take two!

I haven't thought about this phrase in a very long time. I think it's because the meaning is now lost on me. In a good way.

When I was living in Asia, trying to create a foundation for my business, I clung to that mantra to stay afloat. It was my reminder to keep going. It was my way of moving against people's inquiries about getting a 'real job,' or that inner voice asking, 'what are you doing with your life? You need money!' Whenever I backpacked, I felt at home & at ease. I met fellow 'fighters' and we connected so intimately & infinitely on that common philosophy alone. I was afraid of coming back to the US, where reality would slap me in the face in the form of a relatively low bank account, and unfamiliar, unsupportive faces.

Now, I realize that the fighting has simply become living, and somehow I've managed to surround myself with fellow fighters/livers without having to leave US borders... namely Bruce who strives to make Silverlake/Echo Park/Los Angeles better in every way possible, Kevin who works his 9-5 without ever doubting that he is a writer first & foremost, and Victoria, my partner in craft-crime, who is so disciplined in her work & {paper & type} (more than she gives herself credit). I guess that's why I love visiting LA and find my time with friends so nourishing & rejuvenating. Fighting isn't necessary if no one around you is against you.

So. Yay :) I can't wait til April for another stay.

The state of my desk

I guess I was so intrigued by the state of Oliver Jeffer's desk that I thought to take a picture of my own and examine it in a similar way.things to note:
  • a mason jar filled with randomness: 7 bouncy balls, a dried flower from a hike, a piece of confetti from a Flaming Lips concert, a necklace from Greece, twine from the 2010 calendar, rolls of pennies, thread, shells from Philippine beaches and small, green toy soldiers.
  • new card in progress, on screen & printed
  • outgoing orders
  • photobooth strips, including stickie pics from japan
  • my daily, weekly, monthly to do list
  • trusty stamp & pad
work & play balanced & equally represented. key to maintaining sanity in a one-woman operation :)

Craft Night at Modern Mouse!

Unfortunately I didn't get to go but after reading the article & seeing the photos, I had to share. It seemed like a great time and I'm bummed I didn't attend. I stopped by Modern Mouse to deliver inventory the day before the event UGH! I know I had something else planned the night of craft night but now I can't remember so it must not have been that great. Dang it.
Eleen, the shop's owner, showed me the space pre-set up and it's really exciting to see it filled with people crafting in the photos. Yay! Looked like it was a great success :)

Read more about it here & make sure to visit Modern Mouse in Alameda if you're in the area! & don't be shy around the staff. They're the nicest people ever.
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