Sketches from the Road

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Yosemite & tree studies :)
Yerba Buena Park, SF

Renegade's on my mind

just jotting down some notes...

Road Trip USA: Day 5

San Jose - San Francisco

Oh California produce! So much love!
James made a friend.
Free breakfast tequila shots at bill's cafe!
It was a gorgeous day so OF COURSE the line for Bi-Rite was long. Wah wah.
But it was...
SO worth it.
Safety first. Wear a helmet.
If I have a store, I want something like this too.
Cardboard cut-out goodness
World Cup viewing party
Fort at Paxton's Gate
Auntie's cooking us Burmese dinner. Yum!

San Jose: For Today's Art & Back-In-The-Day

Dragon Ball. Age 13
Watercolor paintings. Age 25

More from PIXAR!

I was holding back on the pictures, but since y'all have been so excited & geeky about 'em... Here ya go!
Just having lunch in the cafeteria!
The pixar store's on the right. You can see the Lotso's lining the floor. The foosball tables are in the middle room ;)
This is my "I'm so happy/is this really happening?!" pose
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