Progress Report: L is for Logan

Thursday, April 07, 2011

who loves trucks & loaders. He is also the twin brother of Luke (of the previous L)

Yep. Back at Casbah. What can I say.. it's my go to coffee shop. I spent the day finishing up some logo work for a dear friend & reading a newly-made friend's writings to gauge if we'd collab-create well together. I think it's a good match! If anything, it was a strange, serendipitous, enlightening introduction.

The fragrance of a new season arrived when I put on my first sweater

Mmmm... I'm reading my first Haruki Murakami book, as suggested by Kevin Biggers. That sentence punched all my senses in the face with fuzzy feelings & warmth. It makes me nostalgic for autumn. I guess it's currently fall-like in terms of temperature... but without the pretty leaves & with all the pollen. Gross.
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