Craft Fair Preparation Demystified! part 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ah, hello! Let's continue this craft fair demystifying shall we! (btw, if you're just joining us now, here's the previous post!)

6. Setting IntentionsOne thing that I always make sure to do before any fair, big or small, is set my intentions.

My early craft fair intentions used to go a little like this:
  • make a profit, any profit!
  • have people sign up for the mailing list
  • don't be shy
  • stay hydrated & don't forget to pee!
  • learn a lot! make mistakes!
All very general, but very good to have. I remember on the first day of my first fair, I intentionally didn't put prices on anything to force me to talk to customers. Then as the fairs continued, the intentions became more specific and it became clear the areas I wanted to work on. Now my intentions are more like this (for maker faire, from the photo above):
  • actually venture outside the booth & explore! that requires trust, letting go & energy!
  • tweet & post pictures throughout the day--requires discipline, and it'll be great promotion
  • do not get so tired that it affects your mood and demeanor. remember to drink, take breaks, get rest before & after the show days
  • of course meet new people, make friends, inspire, get press, move beyond just an email/etsy username--make it personal! tell your story and learn theirs.
  • take good inventory throughout the day. you're great at organizing the space under the table, but make it so it contributes to a rhythm and habit of prep, log, change and give.
  • really utilize your helpers! become a better manager and let go of tasks so that you can effectively talk and greet and make sales.
I think writing out intentions is sooooo important. It gives me a focus/foci that isn't merely 'sales.' It's about how to be a better businesswoman, crafter, artist, communicator, manager, etc. You gotta think big picture! which is so important because you have to believe there's a big picture for your craft if it's to successfully become your bread & butter.

I love craft fairs because I get to meet so many people and not only see that they liked something enough to pick it up or buy it, but see WHY. Little known fact: I thought I was going into the plush business. Then I had my first craft fair and to my surprise, my artwork and prints stole all the glory! If I didn't learn that, I probably wouldn't be around. Probably would have been discouraged because no one was buying elephants, and I wouldn't know exactly why.

Craft fairs can be expensive, laborious affairs but I believe they're well worth the effort, stress, everything. So cheers to this weekend! I can't wait!

Stay tuned for the next post about what happens the DAY BEFORE THE FAIR! Dun dun DUNNNN!

Oh Brother What a World!

The origin of this phrase is none other than the talented Manolo. I forget if I've already blogged about him. Well, if I did already, he deserves a revisit! We became friends in NYC through my bffffff Sandeep. He gave me my first 'break' hehe at the Bushwick Artwalk when he let me share his studio space and display my artwork alongside his. He also let me borrow the phrase 'oh brother what a world' which I use at least 23904802384 times a day. Thank you.
"say something funny"

His personality definitely shines through his art... there's a darker silliness and understanding. I applaud him for perfecting such a unique style :)
"introverting for a living"
"hello clouds"
these two are my favorite
"the vision is free"
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