This Week's New Art

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First finished illustration for my upcoming 2014 Calendar. 
These will become stickers.
A jumping wedding illustration. So cute!

The Mind of a Chef

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

image from

Something completely unrelated to illustrations, entirely related to food and in my opinion, definitely about art, I started watching PBS's The Mind of a Chef. The show follows David Chang (restauranteur and mastermind behind Momofuku) as he explores the science of, the stories behind, and the deliciousness of food. Anthony Bourdain narrates the show so it feels like No Reservations but is really more of a TV version of Lucky Peach magazine. I LOVE it. I'm only 4 episodes in but the first episode, "Noodle", has me salivating and itching to visit Japan again. He also makes gnocchi out instant ramen. WHAAAAAT!! Watch it below (or on Netflix).

Actually, scratch that. It is related to illustration because there are some sweeeeeeet animated sequences thrown in, too. It has everything!

This Week's New Art

Thursday, August 15, 2013

More wedding illustrations! Guestbook illustration with the classic paper cutout balloons.
For stamping fun!

For their photo booth

The Last Bit of New Zealand

Thursday, August 08, 2013

I realized I never posted the last leg of my New Zealand journey--Queenstown.
After trekking through the glacier, I stopped off at a hot spring. It was included in the glacier heli-hike package, and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time. I'd been living out of a mini van for 3 days now, and hadn't showered. Ha! So I LOVED IT. Don't worry, I showered before going into the pools ;).

Feeling refreshed, I made my way to Queenstown by way of Wanaka.

I stopped to hike and explore the blue pools.

I wandered through the small town of Wanaka, took another scenic hike, and bumped into some friends I met on the cruise from Wellington to Picton.

Feeling a bit pooped from driving, I wandered Queenstown on foot. I heard from other travelers that Queenstown was their favorite city and immediately I understood the why. It, like the rest of New Zealand, is gorgeous. A medium sized town tucked in the middle of mountains and lakes. I explored my options for exploring Milford Sound and signed up for a fancy tourist bus. Though I did kayak like I originally intended, I had a great time sitting back and letting someone else do the driving for a change. Also, the bus had a glass ceiling and gigantic windows so it was perfect for viewing the scenery.
Welcome to the land of Lord of the Rings! 
We made various stops along the way including Mirror Lake and a river where we were allowed to drink the water. So tasty.
After 4 hours of winding roads and stunning scenery, we entered Milford sound and boarded our boat. The weather was gloomy and rainy but the rain created hundreds of mini waterfalls so it was a win. Our boat also went a bit underneath one of the waterfalls and I got SOAAAKED. Wet butt for the rest of the day.
We got back to Queenstown later in the evening and I drove back to a nearby campsite. The moon guided my way.
The next morning, I wandered the city one last time, grabbed an insanely delicious burger, picked up a bottle of Pinor Noir to take home, and drove about 6 hours to Christchurch to return the car and fly back to the Philippines.

This Week's New Art

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I'm going to try to be consistent with blogging again. Call it my mid-year resolution. At least twice a week. So! While I've been quiet on my blog, it doesn't mean I've been idle. Custom orders and craft fairs have consumed my time (in a good way), and here's a peak at the most recent work.

The same couple who commissioned the above geeky painting used my vector illustration to create their party favors. So cute.
He proposed with Lego blocks and Toy Story alien toys. Gahhh!!
An illustration for a maid of honor based on an inside joke that the bride would make her wear the ugliest dress in the world :)

These two like their wine and silliness. I'm also drawing a jumping picture for them.
I've been meaning to draw this for while. Yay!
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