Tree a Day #5: Stillness is the Move

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Drawing paired with journal entry?! Oh, happy day! ;)

For the first time in a long time, I took my time with yoga tonight. Practicing on your own for the past 4 months is quite a challenge lemme tell ya. I think what helped me was drawing the stretching yoga tree (above) and analyzing last night's dream (dream: I was driving my car, then let my dad drive. The moment he started driving he got pulled over for speeding).

I did yoga tonight, and rediscovered that practice means having patience. Usually I am rushing to finish yoga, or am distracted by the random fat men trying to learn martial arts, or the latest episode of Glee blaring on the TV, but this time I completely surrendered. I was slow & full of intent. I relearned the poses and approached it like a beginner. I remembered that the practice reflects the self. I had been approaching the healing process (from the break up) as something to be done with, not something to enjoy & savor as an experience on its own. I have to be patient & stillness IS the move! Stillness of mind & heart to let painful thoughts come & go without disturbing your self, strength & composure. And tonight, as I was patient with my body, I could feel my heart & mind learning to be patient with themselves. I held the poses with quiet resolute, confident that I could handle the strain for two breaths more, and I did. The dream with my dad was my subconscious telling me to slow down. That there's no rush to get to the point where I'm ready to share my journey with someone.

Just be patient & be still. All the answers, resolutions, and bandaids are within me if I just quiet down. And they aren't in the form of thought. They're in the form of knowing.

Greeting Card sketches

just doodling some ideas for a greeting card :)
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