The Couches of NYC: Pavithra, Bob & Zach

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's been hella days since I blogged. So long that I'm already back in the bay area. But here's some catch up!

So, I spent day 4 at Bob's in Chelsea. This is the view:
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, right??

Then day 5 & 6 at Pavithra's in East Village.
Her place is so charming and sweet. On my last night at her place, we watched game 4 of the playoffs over hard cider, levain cookies, high fives & high pitched screams. One of my favorite moments of the trip! Then it was back to Bob's for two nights and then to Park Slope for one night at Zach's. I'd like to give a special shout to every kind gentleman who carried my giant suitcase of craft fair supplies up the subway station stairs :)
We went to see Andrew Bird for free to kick off the summer concert series at Prospect Park and had some delicious pizza. The folks went out drinking while I was a good, responsible lady and went to bed by 1am to prep for my second round of Brooklyn Flea.
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