The Couches of NYC: The Biggers

Monday, June 06, 2011

The next two nights in NYC were spent at Kevin's parent's home in Wayne, New Jersey. Kevin sold me with the big backyard, my own room aka his childhood room, baby pictures galore, car ride to the fair, and of course & most importantly, I absolutely love his parents. I definitely got all that & more.
Kevin's parents & Kevin united for the first time. He was the only baby on the plane who was laughing and smiling :)
Kevin & his cousin.
My dinner after the craft fair on a plate designed by a young Kevin.
His plush duck collection at the foot of his bed.
PORK ROLL! I finally had it. It tastes so good for you/so bad for you.

All in all, I had a lovely time with his parents. They drove me around the town and showed me his schools, the soccer fields where Kevin coached & played, the restaurant where Kevin ate after he bought his first car, and the lake near their house. The sentimentality, love, calm and sightseeing perfectly complimented the anxiety and worry of a craft fair. I couldn't have asked for a better (re)treat.
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