Trampoline Tea Time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The sketch
& the finished product.

Unicorn & Talula

Christopher has a tradition of commissioning an artist to paint a birthday present for young little miss Talula. It's her 4th birthday & the theme is unicorns. Christopher's description of her: She is like a giggly little circus performer. She loves animals of all kinds, and usually takes one wherever she goes. She usually dresses in bright colored dresses and crazy patterned tights, and the occasional princess dress. She has already had her first punky pink hair extension put in, and pink is probably her favorite color. She just rode her first rollercoaster at disneyland this weekend, and loved it!

Apparently they're making unicorn horns and decorating them at the party too, so hoorah!

Happy 4th, Talula!!
Thank you, Mickey, for the referral!
& thank you Christopher for the opportunity :)
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