This year in summary

Friday, December 31, 2010

6 foreign countries
drove through 8 states
10 states visited in total
2 trips to nyc
5 craft fairs
visited pixar, ghibli museum, disneyland, disney animation studios & cartoon network (neerrrrd!)
120+ hand-sewn plush
6 trips to la (in 6 months)
23409820384023 traveling lovelies met/left/returned
2010, you were good to me. thank you.

Alas! No More Calendars!

Happy New Year! I'm happy & sad to say I've sold out of my personal quantity. There are only a few more remaining with {paper & type}, Flockshop & Modern Mouse so get 'em while you can!
On a good note, I'm offering two illustrations from the calendar each month as prints. You can purchase them through my etsy shop.

Calendar Giveaway Winners & SALE!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you to everyone who submitted a beautiful story for the contest! I really enjoyed reading them. Each one definitely got the creative gears turning & the heart warming. After some serious rereading & thinking, I've selected Chris Tarver as the winner of the print & calendar. My yeti hat (pictured above) & fate chose Tara Tran as the winner of the random raffle. I'll not ruin the surprise and reveal the story. Instead, you'll have to wait for the painting & print :)

I have a special goodie for all who submitted, too. So there's some incentive to participate in the next contest ;)

Now, on to the SALE!
The 2011 calendar by le petit elefant & {paper & type} is now $16 instead of $20! Victoria & I only have a few (seriously!) so visit either of our shops, le petit elefant & {paper & type}, to purchase!

Happy New Year & as my mom says, make good choices!

2011 Calendar Giveaway & Contest!

Monday, December 27, 2010

To celebrate the end of a wonderful, eventful year & the coming of a new one, I'm giving away two 2011 calendars by le petit elefant & {paper & type}!
The Contest:
Submit a story (100 word limit) to inspire a new painting. Be creative, playful & imaginative! There's only one catch: the story must include 'a balloon' in some way, shape or form. Limit one entry per person. You may submit via blogpost comment or email genevieve(at)
The Winners: One will be chosen at random. The second winner will be the author of my favorite entry and will not only win a calendar but a print of the finished, collaborative painting. It's a great way to win a custom painting!
So start writing! The contest/giveaway ends at 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 29th with the winners announced on Thursday. Have fun & good luck! :)

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I've been busy reuniting with friends of now
from then.
stalking my beloved.

& working for the next holiday :)
oh & eating & drinking with cousins :)

The Meaning of Life by Don Hertzfeldt

Monday, December 20, 2010

is one of my favorite/most adored/beloved animated shorts OF ALL TIME. ALL TIME!
And you can watch it here for free for a limited time! Merry Christmas! :D
These are some of my favorite scenes because I'm a nerd and made screenshots while watching it... whatever don't judge me! It's so PRETTY!
No computers were used either. Oh, my hero!

More Earmuffs!

Off to Missouri
& San Francisco
I'm getting pretty fast at making them now :)
You can order a pair here! but be warned, it won't be in time for Christmas.
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