First Day of Work! EEEEEE!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Today is a BIG day. Big in that I will be starting my first non-entrepreneurial job since the layoff at New Line Cinema 3 years ago. 3 YEARS almost to the date! (September seems to be the month were jobs start & end.)

In the last 3 years, I've sent out three or four resumes. The last two were to Scoops to be an ice cream server :), and the last to Modern Mouse, my employer! Clearly, I'm very very picky, and hesistant to take on a supplementary job for multiple reasons but mostly to avoid harming Le Petit Elefant business and disrupting my free-flowin' lifestyle.

Le Petit Elefant being push aside? No no nononono. The way I see it, working at Modern Mouse as a part-time sales gal has all the perks of Le Petit Elefant-customer relations, surrounded by like-minded individuals and some reaaaaally wonderful folk, a creative atmosphere-but it takes it a step outside of my Le Petit Elefant purview. I welcome the big picture. I want to see how a store is run (because maybe I want to someday have my own). I want to expand and work with a delightful crew of crafters & entrepreneurs on a regular basis (similar to my life in LA). And simply, I want to become a better, more savvy small business owner, and I can't think of a better example than Eleen.

So here we go!! I'm also thrilled about doing yoga after work. My first class in 3 months! GAH!

Oh! and you can also find me as a regular vendor at the Santa Cruz Maker's Market every Wednesday as part of their downtown farmer's market. Swing by! I start next Wednesday :)

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