Doctor Who's Fort

Friday, June 01, 2012

While my sister was in town, she made sure to get me hooked on Doctor Who. Being a fan of the X-Files, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica (whoa scifi nerd?!?), how did I go so long without watching Doctor Who?!?! Inspired by my binge-watching of the Doctor's adventures-specifically David Tennent's 10th Doctor-I painted what I imagined to be a kid's interpretation. Look closely you'll find a a blanket fort universe, a Dalek constructed out of cardboard boxes, a strainer, and a plunger, and the Doctor's screwdriver as your average household flashlight. The original's been spoken for but I do have limited edition prints in the shop. Enjoy the nerdy homage!

BTW, I do plan on making more fort interpretations of other childhood and cult favorites. Next on the list... Mario & Luigi!

Jill Aiko Yee + Cloud Cloud at Hester Street Fair

A couple days ago, I visited my friends Jill & Claudia in their Los Angeles studio to pick up my reserved Co-Lab Watercolor Scarf. I had only seen it briefly months ago but it's even better than I remember it--delightfully soft, 
light, perfect for the summer, and by my two good friends, fashion designer Jill of Jill Aiko Yee and 
graphic designer guru Amy Kim.
I want this dress...

Her studio partner, Claudia of Cloud Cloud, makes the most wonderful leather goods & pillows. I bought two lavender-scented pillows for myself & for Kevin's parents as a thank you for the wine tasting weekend.

Typically you can only find their goods online or if you make an appointment, but LUCKY YOU! You can meet them and buy their handmade goods at Los Angeles's Hester Street Fair. (Yup, the NYC-based craft, food and fashion outdoor market is now in Los Angeles.)

Hester Street Fair
Hollywood Blvd at Argyle Ave
Los Angeles CA 90028
Saturday, June 2

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