Oliver Jeffers Contest: After 8 hours...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Here's the piece so far. There's still so much that needs to get done but hey! I'm happy with how it's turning out :)
Ps: don't be alarmed by the black parts. Just empty space of nothingness that will soon be filled filled with illustration!

Oliver Jeffers Contest: Scene 6

Makes sense now? :)
Slow & steady hustle.

Here we go!!

What was once a storyboard is now REAL! Sorry, I feel like I'm abusing my blogging privileges. I'm just so dang excited.

Also, random fact: 90s r&b/baby making music (i.e. jodeci, avant, new edition, aaliyah) is my work soundtrack. Props to Bedhead for the late night creep.

Oliver Jeffers Contest: Animation Time!

All the pieces are there. Just need to put it together :)
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