Oh brother! What a day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sorry, no art to post because I've been running around all of Manila trying to get ish done. I got my teeth cleaned (and a filling!) for 20 bucks, and spent 7 bucks on various things like a fruit smoothie, orange chicken (yum!), 5 dvds, a pillow for its stuffing, headphones (to make my stuffed headphones workable!), and public transportation. I'm gonna miss the Philippines and how cheap it is.

I did see sooo many interesting sights that made me feel the love for the dirt, slums and smelliness of the city. I found myself totally unbothered by the trash and mystery water I walked through on the sidewalk & spoke tagalog rather confidently all day as I made my way around Quiapo & metro Manila. It made me realize how I've become accustomed to living here, and how I'm more tolerance for, um, non-US quality of living, haha. Awesome!

I'll sketch a couple of the sights from memory and post later, which will include two kids intensely playing pogs (YEAAAAH!!).
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