A++++ for Productivity

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I was suuuuper lazy this morning but I turned it all around this afternoon. Guess I just needed a hot boba milk tea in my system :)
brainstorming a commissioned family portrait involving a lemonade stand :)
warming up the hand before I start painting
another family portrait
with the first layer of watercolor down
the prettiest color combo EVER :)
on its way to my friend's baby niece

Amidst the productivity, I got suuuuuper emotional. A little awkward tearing up in a boba cafe but whatever. I read a new custom order request--he wanted me to add a name to the inside part of the earmuffs. I just started tearing up. I don't know... the requests for custom paintings & sewn goodies allow me to participate, recreate or capture a very intimate moment between friends & strangers. I'm just very overwhelmed. I'm sort of providing a way to make their love or gratitude tangible/huggable, and if that isn't the greatest honor then I don't know what is.


Earmuffs for the winter brrrr

They come in all colors & styles, and made upon request. Order one here!
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