Greetings from hong kong!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Greetings! I just work up from a 7 hour nap. Let that be a lesson to you to turn your phone off silent mode if you want to hear your alarm. Dang.

It's okay though. My headache has disappeared and I no longer feel exhausted from a 20 hr flight and 6 hours of wandering Kowloon like a zombie because the hostel room wasn't ready yet. So far, we've experienced the growing festivities that is the Chinese new year. We actually leave at the turn of the new year but are deeply considering going to Disneyland hk on our way out since it's on the way to the airport. That and I friggin love disneyland. we passed a sign on the highway that just had mickeys silhoutte head and an arrow suggesting Disneyland was the next exit. Awesome. I respect brevity in universally understood shapes.

We spent the early morning wandering through kowloon park. I love seeing all the old folk doing tai chi. I tried to draw them but found it incredibly difficult because one, I'm rusty and two, it's a challenge to sketch a defining key position because there is none! You know the pinnacle moment in a baseball pitch, someone running, etc. but that's not really the case with tai chi. It's all fluid, equally seeming significant poses. Ill keep practicing.Maybe I'll start doing yoga next to them. Whuttup playaaaa!

It's such a different experience walking around w James who is blond, tall and blue-eyed. I really love traveling in asia because I have an ability to blend in! But dang. James. Buzz kill. Tailored suit sir? Rolex watch, copy watch, sir? Every single time we step out! O brother. I also wonder if we look like a couple where Im the Asian girl he's saving from poverty in exchange for her youth and great wife abilities. And I'm in it for the cash money dolla dolla billz.

On a random note, Im very glad I do yoga. The flexibility skillz came in handy on the plane. A major buzz kill on long flights is the blood circulation issue from sitting for hours. My feet get so swollen I start to doubt if I'll ever fit into my shoes again! So here and there I would stretch my legs up perpendicular to the floor. I felt a little self conscious with everyone seeing my orange snoopy socks but hey! Beats feeling like you have fat feet.
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