NYC Solo Adventures #1

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My family departed yesterday so I'm now off-duty as a host. Phew! And this is how I spent my freedom:

Fort Greene Park
I think there would have been more sketching but the 90 degree weather made me sleepy.
Yay for trees & my tedtalk pencil.
This morning I met with this fella:
He gave me a preview to his freshly rendered fancy animation trailer for the Green Bus Tour. We also discussed muppets, and laughed as I accidentally attacked someone with my bagel. Oops.
BK Spacecraft
There was a baby drum circle. Kind of surreal & amazing at the same time. I never thought to play a drum like that. Innovative kid!
Lady & the Tramp dog forreal!! :D

Charming Wall on West 4th. Gonna paint me a 6x6 canvas! Woo! Well, more like 3... Stay tuned for progress reports!
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