Hercules's Craft Bazaar Day 1

Friday, December 03, 2010

Wow. Just wow. A shockingly positive experience. I am SO pumped for tomorrow.
I was suffering from lack of enthusiasm in the days leading up to this fair. I felt calm, but a little too calm (yeah... a little too ralph). I was a little weary about the potential rain, setting up a tent for the first time, arranging the lights, a new space, etc. Even during the set up I felt moody. Then BAM! I started talking to the visitors & shoppers, the mayor of Hercules announced the arrival of Santa Claus (you could take pictures with him in the photobooth haha), my mom brought me a free cookie... all was well in the world. It never rained. When I didn't make a sale, I made a friend. I was interviewed by the city's newspaper. Even an old friend from USC visited! Hollerrrrrrr!
The only reason why I put eyes on some of my elephants is so kids can dig around and find the ones that do. It's amazing how much fun they have. One little girl immediately started searching, flipping the ears over and tossing aside the eyeless. When she found her first one, she jumped up and showed her mom. She was half giggling, half asking for it. She wouldn't let it go. Eeeeee! Her mom helped her put it in the paperbag & once it was inside, she hugged the bag and skipped away with it still pressed against her chest. That kind of stuff just makes me fuzzy & happy.
Drawing these sign up sheets are my favorite :)
I really can't get over how nice everyone was. Hooray for small town hospitality!

Okay, time to get to work. As pooped as I am, most of the little elephants are now in the arms of a small child. It would be wrong for le petit elefant to have no petit elefants tomorrow. It's definitely a good problem to have :)

Holiday Craft Bazaar at Hercules's Market Hall

it's craft fair time! i'm excited about the tree lighting ceremony & not so excited about the potential rain. either way, i'll be there with a smile!
outfit picked!
supplies packed!
& plush neatly tucked away! let's do this!
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