6x6 Progress Report #2

Monday, May 31, 2010

this will all make sense in the next post if it doesn't already

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present

Praise to Brian (above sitting with Marina after getting in line at 1am) for texting me about going to MOMA today with his member discount! Today was the last day for Marina Abramovic's exhibition and I had an itch to sketch.
I started sketching the reproduced past performance where two nude performers stand as two pillars for you to walk between (above). Two bystanders started chatting it up: an older woman completely flabbergasted by the whole situation and an even older man in a chair sketching. I overheard their entire conversation and learned that he was in fact 82 years old! Amazing! He drew so well! So I started chatting with him, and learned that he used to be a sculpturer and had shows at the guggenheim & whitney at the age of 23. He liked to punctuate his sentences with: "How 'bout that!? Interesting!" He also lost a lot of money in the stock market. He gave me his address and number to keep in touch, along with oodles of advice about love and energy and life.
Oh, and he drew a picture of a dog, a star and a bird standing on a heart in my sketchbook. He also drew a picture of me, but unfortunately no photography allowed in the gallery :( It was really good. Honest.
Afterwards, I went to the room where Marina was sitting, but it was sooooo packed I escaped to the outside world.
David reminded me it was the last day of her performance so I hurried back inside and braved the mosh pit.
After 79 days of sitting in the MOMA from opening to closing, she arose & oh how the audience cheered! I was very proud to be standing there, witness to such a powerful performance.

read more about the exhibition here and here.

6x6 Progress Report #1

Sunday, May 30, 2010

oh, herro!
Thanks for the free desk space, Whole Foods.
Stay tuned for more updates

Morning Sunshine!

Mmmmm gorgeous weather in the city and I'm off to sew & paint in the sun. Of course, not before eating my oh so healthy breakfast of pb&j pancakes. Muahaha. Looks like a mess but sooo good. I'll report back end of day with my productivity :)

RCF Signage Progress Report #2

Friday, May 28, 2010

it's starting!!!

Eero the Sassy Corgi, PR #1

Some quick 30 sec sketches to get a feel for drawing this doggy. All based on photos from his blog. Yep, he has a blog. It's awesome.
Font size
This one makes me laugh everytime! EVERYTIME!

shout out to joannie wu!

RCF Signage Progress Report #1

Had this in the previous post but thought it deserved one of its own :)
RCF signage sketches :)

NYC Solo Adventures #1

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My family departed yesterday so I'm now off-duty as a host. Phew! And this is how I spent my freedom:

Fort Greene Park
I think there would have been more sketching but the 90 degree weather made me sleepy.
Yay for trees & my tedtalk pencil.
This morning I met with this fella:
He gave me a preview to his freshly rendered fancy animation trailer for the Green Bus Tour. We also discussed muppets, and laughed as I accidentally attacked someone with my bagel. Oops.
BK Spacecraft
There was a baby drum circle. Kind of surreal & amazing at the same time. I never thought to play a drum like that. Innovative kid!
Lady & the Tramp dog forreal!! :D

Charming Wall on West 4th. Gonna paint me a 6x6 canvas! Woo! Well, more like 3... Stay tuned for progress reports!

New York City

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This past week has felt sooo good. I feel so at home here... in a way that is different than before. I think traveling has strengthened me in a way that makes this city unintimidating. Instead I find its pace & rush just right. I know where and how to find the calm & not get lost in the pressures.

When I considered moving to NYC, Sandeep convinced me by saying: If you have it in you to live in this city, do. I used to think handling the pace & taking advantage of what the city has to offer was a fleeting moment of time in my youth. But it's not about that. It's not about the opportunities or the distractions. It's about something so basic: survival. People tend to inherently know in their gut if they can or can't live here. It's yes or no... so instinctive & from the gut. It's about keeping your head about you, staying focused & leveled while you enjoy the life here.

It clicked for me... I will always have it in me to live here. It's not about timing, raising or not raising a family, or work. It's about ability & because of how I've grown from the recent travels, I will always be able. That's a really good feeling.

Take that, New York!

Day 4 in NYC with Victoria

Technically this happened on Day 4 because it was 3 in the morning or something... yay late night food from Trader Joes!
mmmmm gnocchi & naan, then bed!
Mmm... Vietnamese sandwiches at Tiger Lily, where David is mayor. Such a pretty, green table.
Then we wandered through MOMA and found Victo's doppleganger. CRAZY FUNNY.
Mr. Brainwash exhibit in Chelsea
Highline Park. So deliciously lovely. Afterwards Victo & I parted ways. I'll see you in a month, Victo, with Renegade on the agenda :)

Day 3 in NYC with Victoria

Friday, May 21, 2010

Started off with breakfast at Cafe Habana.... sweet mexican coooooorn ftw!Visited cute antique shops and arty-fartsy stores in LES for inspiration. I definitely have a plan for my cabinet of curiosities series.It was o so gloriously warm and sunny so clearly, we had to walk across the bk bridge, chill in one of my favorite parks & read children's books at Powerhouse. All my favorite things to do in DUMBO.
We then checked out Shepard Fairey's exhibit on Wooster. Pretty sweet. Spotted a J Dilla portrait and another one of....BIGGIE!!
After all the running around, we took a break to brainstorm our Renegade Craft Fair booth. Suddenly the vacation turned into a business trip of awesomeness! Get ready for the sweetest booth everrrrrr.Ended the night with wild dancing inspired by soul train at BK Bowl, with ?uestlove as our musicmaker/babymaker. iphone flashless camera fail.
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