Another dumb retail experience

Saturday, March 19, 2011

So I went to Michael's to stock up on polyfil and watercolor paper. They have weekly 40% off coupons in the newspaper ads & online. Usually I just 'em my phone with the coupon pulled up and that works just fine. So today I went to Michael's with my sister with an expired coupon to see if their eyes would glaze over the date and a current coupon.

Cashier: Um, this has expired.
Me: Okay, let me pull one up on my phone.
Cashier: We don't accept those.
Me: Yes. I've done it before.
Cashier: Not at this Michael's.
Me: Sooo... now at this Michael's you want me to waste paper and print out a coupon?
Cashier: (beat) Yes.

So I just get one item using the good coupon.

Cashier, waving the expired coupon: Do you still want this?
Me: Do I still want an expired coupon?.... that you didn't let me use...?

She kind of grumbled, the people behind me laughed and I walked away shaking my head at how dumb some people are. Ha.

I'll just go back tomorrow with a fresh Sunday coupon for the polyfil. I refuse to print coupons that I can just pull up using my phone. So wasteful!
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