So Far Around the Bend

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I was standing by the lake in Central Park, looking out at the trees and felt like crying. I really don't want to leave tonight. It's just so darn pretty! I realized too it'd been a year now since I left the states. I can't describe how quickly and slowly the year passed, but I just can't believe it's been a whole year. I left New York & here I am again. I've come full circle & find I'm definitely in much better shape professionally & personally. One thing I noticed was not only how much I missed New York but how much I missed feeling like I lived here. It's one thing to be a tourist & another to be a resident and I definitely prefer living as a resident. My core friends that defined my experiences aren't living in the city anymore & I love the city just as much without them in it. It feels more mine now. The city doesn't intimidate me.

I have a feeling I'll be back with a more permanent status. Not sure when but perhaps sooner rather than later. The next time I visit NYC, I'll have an illustration portfolio in hand, ready to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator :)

I'll post more pics when I'm back in LA. I'm off to continue my tradition of Shake Shack as my last meal in NYC :)

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