D'neyland & California Adventures!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I haven't been back in LA in essentially a year and a half. I don't really count the last time because that was 3 days of heavy transition/freaking out for my big move to the Philippines. So I've been here since the 4th of July and will be here until Renegade Craft Fair, working & playing in the weeks between. I can only say it's good to be home.

My adventures in Disneyland with Kristen, Pete & James. YAY!!! D'neyland!!
So excited I'd never been before!
But then I chilled out.
Awww Beaker! Poor dude. You'll always be my favorite, along with all the other ones who don't speak English (Animal & Swedish Chef). As cheesy as Muppet Vision 3D was I loved it. I loved that it was an old theatre, set up like the original muppet show. And... well, I won't ruin it if you haven't experienced it. Geeeeek out.
Mr. Potato head talks to you as you wait in line & these kids were shouting, answering his jokes. The animatronic action on his bottom lip is ridiculous!
Toy Story Mania = new & improved Astroblasters. Soooo much fun. Kristen kicked my butt but hey! Check out that accuracy!
Captain EO makes a comeback! Technically it was my first time seeing it... I saw it when I was little but I had to be taken out of the theatre because I was in hysterics & sooo scared of Michael Jackson. I faced my fear & it was awesome!
oh, hi!
Too cheap to buy the pictures.
Hey doesn't this look familiar?!
(5 years ago! Still wearing the same jeans! YES)
His mickey mouse earring gage is pretty impressive, but what would have been more impressive is one shaped like mickey's head. Yeah, that's right. I said it.
Soooo, my cousin was at Disneyland too! How did he find out I was there? FOURSQUARE! Yay!
World of Color... Bellagio can suck it. It's quite beautiful. Go if you can. Don't get wet!
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