Jason Schwartzman

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yup. An entire entry devoted to Jason Schwartzman. I'm not exactly sure why but I find him incredibly fascinating. I was flipping channels last night and thank god the Philippines is behind because they just started airing Bored to Death in two hour segments! WOOO! So, being a dork, I immediately dropped what I was doing and sat infront of the TV sketching him to understand why I find him attractive. My answer... I have no clue! He does have great hair and have you seen him rock out as the drummer of Phantom Planet in the California video?? Hahaha. Something about that monotone comedic delivery & quiet awkward mystery that just intrigues me. Ok, rambling done!

Progress Report #4... FINISHED

done done done done... time to scan & ship it off to ENP :)

Tree a Day #6

better put my gear on & start swimming
because that tree isn't going to swim to me!!
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