Last 24 hours in LA

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I visited Paul at Cartoon Network for lunch & a tour. I met so many art geeks, including Joe of chogrin. It was like walking through your standard film studio but with art, doodles, concept art all over. Oh goooodness, it was delicious. Even their stairwell was tagged & scrawled (see picture above). I didn't realize how much I loved the experience until I rattled on & on with Rich on the phone for at least an hour (there I go again... counting the time on phone convos).
Afterwards, Victo & I discussed feelings and met the rest of the gang at cha cha to induldge in Monday margarita specials. It was a record 113 degrees in LA and we were dying to swim. In the short time it took me to go to the bathroom, Jamie had befriended someone who had a pool. Thus began the most random adventure into the Hollywood Hills...
I'm not even going to discuss what happened except that we all returned to the east side around 430am, completely flabbergasted and happily suprised by the evening.
What happened in Sebastian Tellier's house stays in Sebastian Tellier's house. Haha. What a way to leave LA!
Germain had the right idea. Sleep off the shock.

Next morning, I said my goodbyes to the city and said hello to the valley to say goodbye to b. Soooo far away!
What was a failed attempt to see TS3 became a bouldering/hiking adventure. I am clearly confused about how to tackle this. We did spot a couple forts along the way...
To seal the deal, Rich & I indulged in pizookie. He's so haaaaappy!! Then I went on my merry way to San Jose. 8 hours, 3 naps, 300+ miles later, I slept in my own bed.
Very epic 2 weeks in LA. Gratitude. Respect. Love. I'll be back.
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