A Craft Fair Apron

Monday, March 14, 2011

An idea conceived by Albert & shared by Victoria, I too thought it'd be good to invest in an apron for craft fairs. I considered making one myself and found patterns & such for this:
but my heart skipped a beat when I saw Anthropologie's 'Tea & Crumpets' apron:

So, after about two months of pining, I finally went in to Anthropologie with an intent to buy. I had a rude encounter though. I tell the cashier that I want to return these two belts I bought last year & use the store credit on the apron. An employee slides behind the cash wrap and says rather curtly, 'next time bring your return items to the register before you shop' then leaves. So, while the cashier is ringing me up, I tell her, 'wow, she was quite abrasive.' She apologizes on her behalf and explains the abrasive woman is their store manager (whaaaat?!?). And she says it with a splash of fear & intimidation. Anyway, I leave but not before realizing no one will probably say anything to the manager, and hell if she ruins anyone else's day with that attitude. So I find her, interrupt her folding & say, 'Hi. I wasn't aware of policy but I know now to bring my return items to the register before shopping. Having said that, you were rude & abrasive.' She apologized a few times & thanked me for my honesty. I told her it was okay but I just wanted her to be aware, and I left. BAM!

Since then, I've taken power into my own hands and am working toward a more 'le petit elefant' apron.
I'm adding an additional hidden pocket & very subtle embroidery to not distract from the overall loveliness. You can see the makings of a boy's head peeking out from behind the pocket. This is just the beginning! It's my 'relax while I distract myself from the scariness of Dexter before bed' activity. More updates to come, but I promise it'll be done in time for my debut at Unique LA in May :)
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