Last 24 hours in LA

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I visited Paul at Cartoon Network for lunch & a tour. I met so many art geeks, including Joe of chogrin. It was like walking through your standard film studio but with art, doodles, concept art all over. Oh goooodness, it was delicious. Even their stairwell was tagged & scrawled (see picture above). I didn't realize how much I loved the experience until I rattled on & on with Rich on the phone for at least an hour (there I go again... counting the time on phone convos).
Afterwards, Victo & I discussed feelings and met the rest of the gang at cha cha to induldge in Monday margarita specials. It was a record 113 degrees in LA and we were dying to swim. In the short time it took me to go to the bathroom, Jamie had befriended someone who had a pool. Thus began the most random adventure into the Hollywood Hills...
I'm not even going to discuss what happened except that we all returned to the east side around 430am, completely flabbergasted and happily suprised by the evening.
What happened in Sebastian Tellier's house stays in Sebastian Tellier's house. Haha. What a way to leave LA!
Germain had the right idea. Sleep off the shock.

Next morning, I said my goodbyes to the city and said hello to the valley to say goodbye to b. Soooo far away!
What was a failed attempt to see TS3 became a bouldering/hiking adventure. I am clearly confused about how to tackle this. We did spot a couple forts along the way...
To seal the deal, Rich & I indulged in pizookie. He's so haaaaappy!! Then I went on my merry way to San Jose. 8 hours, 3 naps, 300+ miles later, I slept in my own bed.
Very epic 2 weeks in LA. Gratitude. Respect. Love. I'll be back.

I have no words

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just feelings.

side note: definitely need a scanner or camera because iphone is just whack.

Oh, the good ole photobooth :)

Thank you cha cha lounge, and the wild, typical LA adventure that happened after.

LACE at Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Sunday, September 26, 2010

LACE booth #2. Some assembling required.
Honestly, I was a bit worried about the night aspect of the night market. I feared I'd get sleepy & tired but KCRW DJs saved the day. I couldn't stop dancing. Lots and lots of MJ & they actually played "Feels Good" :D . I forgot what good music mixed together in hour long sets sounded like!
Best new idea everrrrr... hand-drawn sign up sheet for the win :)
Props to Hyosun for putting up the flag banner
Yay we did it!
Michelle of Flockshop told me one of her featured artist did so well at Comic-Con last year that he had to bring his printer to the booth & make prints as people ordered because he kept running out. I took her advice. Damn good advice.
The view from backstage
Rich sporting the first plush bow tie I ever made (the fee for using his likeness & energy in my paintings :). I think it's a fair exchange. I didn't even ask him to wear it! Awesome.
The Rabaja women debating over the elephants :)
dig dig dig

Thank you to everyone who came out!
Special shout to Thery & Mo for revisting. Rich for sporting the tie, the yummy taco delivery service & bringing the great Randini. Hyosun, Albert, Shweta & Brendan for helping with the take up/take down. Kevin & Bruce for the tasty food. Stephanie for the loud popper thingies and Rachel for honestly not burning my toe with one. Mickey, David & Megan for the in-booth dance party. Mary for bringing her family (yay mama Rabaja!). Mitchell & his pals for their table organizational skillz. Jo, Stephanie, Andrew, Carissa, Jess, Melissa, Merrick & Karen for hanging out backstage. James, Bina & Adam for the good vibes... Who else who else... oh! Victo for eeerrthing :)

Next fair: Bizarre Bazaar, SF

Friday Night is Dance Night

Arun doing his Bollywood thing :)
Herbie doing his drinkin' thing at El Cid
Regrouping after dancing on stage with Diplo
Yoga at 2am! A great warm up for dancing to records.
Staying up with friends dancing in their guesthouse, swinging in a hammock, and laughing til 3am...mmmm, I love Los Angeles.

I work where I roam

Friday, September 24, 2010

Painting at Susina's Bakery.
Sewing custom ordered earmuffs in Barnsdall Park
Travel/life/work talk with Merrick over Golden Bird's fried chicken. Soo good.
Sometimes the vehicle in which I roam is where I work.
Yep. The ultimate. Printing prints inside my car. I am also blogging from my car, using the internet from the house I'm parked in front of. HA! Takes mobile office to a whole new level, no?

Hiking Adventures on a Bridge to Nowhere

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

that was nowhere to be found.
We searched through the flowers and brush
in the river, so cold and fierce
up and down the rocky mountains & twisting trails. Still nowhere to be found.

Tired, weary & running low on Hawaiian sweet bread, we stopped to find a place to rest. Lo & behold, a fort underneath the trees! How appropriate for the treehouse-fort duo.

Bridge or no bridge, it sure was swell! Icing on the cake was the musical geek out session on the 210 hwy.

DJDay's Do-Over Mix...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Shout out to Rich & Linotype for sharing the goodness. Rich sent it to me already saying you're welcome. At first I thought "arrogant jerk." But dang. Head nodding never ceased. 18:00 especially hits the spot. As a painting exercise, I used to listen to a song on repeat and let the song inspire me. This is the first time a mix has had that effect on me. I think the falling leaves represent the musical goodness Rich shared with me.
shake shake shake
I'll do a proper scan once it's done.

Weekend food festivities

Mmmmmochi, graham cracker, strawberry jam 'smmmmore'
Maple sugar bacon & sea salt caramel gelato. Two ice cream dishes before noon! O my!
It took two grown men to haul this cake. 'happy bITHday'
It appeared that Bruce was helping clean up at the party... But he was actually...
sneaking away to eat directly from the tray in the privacy of the kitchen. Yeah. I participated. So good.

There once was an empty bench...

He was lonely and knew he had many great qualities to offer the world. He called out to the neighboring plants, "Let's be friends & bathe in the sun together. I can protect you from the crawling creatures on the ground. Plus, you gotta check out this view. It's amazing."
Slowly, one by one the plants gathered.
Until the entire bench was filled with plants.
Then a giant man in purple and cords came over and ate them. Just kidding.
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