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Monday, November 08, 2010

Adventures in wonderland with Kevin & Bruce.
Pashmina on steroids.
Kevin: Oh gawd... the sky... so beautiful.
Me: Ohhhh hello BLUE!
Kevin: AGH. I was having a peaceful moment. You ruined it!
How was your walk? Terrible. Just like the past ten. Trying to find a place to piss.
Thinking about Flaming Hot Munchies, Bruce?

Weekends in LA get infinitely better

... to the point where all I want to do is stay.

I was supposed to leave LA a week ago. A WEEK AGO. Yet, here I am. What was 'Halloween weekend' became 'Wednesday' became 'a surprise attendance to Hyosun's dance performance' became 'Monday... um, okay Tuesday!' I'm starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf but in a good way. Last time I was here, I was eager to return to San Jose to do work. Then yesterday just proved me wrong with Victo & I finishing the calendar while watching 'How to Train Your Dragon' with friends & ice cream. Yesterday was perfect. This past weekend was perfect. The 3-week trip is perfect.

Sooo I present you with random photos from random moments in LA.
I went to LACMA to visit Arun, eat his home made chicken curry & deliver this little guy.
Afterwards, he hooked me up with a free ticket and I explored the museum
alternating between work
& play
& more work.
I went to DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS(!!?!?!) to watch the animation show of shows with Kristen & fellow geeks. I highly recommend.
Do you spot the little green guy in the O?
I surprised Hyosun at her dance performance & afterwards we all went to a welcome back party for a fellow wanderluster three days after he got back from 5 months in South America. Resonates like whoa.
Sweepy scott.
I am a tower of strength
within & without.
Germain before he became Brucified. I forgot to take an after picture. But here's the pre so we can alllll remember the shag.
2011 presented by p&t & lpe
Holiday Card custom order!
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