My Toys

Thursday, December 29, 2011

(left to right) aardman's shaun the sheep; lady & the tramp; the little mermaid; le petit prince; pixar's trademark bouncy ball; goofy; smee from captain hook.
I was dusting my bookshelf and forgot I had such a comprehensive collection of toys from my favorite... everything! Away in a box somewhere is my complete collection of The Incredibles McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I also have a Pixar lamp, a Where the Wild Things Are plush backpack, a Wallace & Gromit puzzle, a Ponyo paper wind-up toy, and a Wall-E tote bag. HUGE NERD.

And this is my small but meaningful elephant collection. The center guy is the first elephant I've ever sewn. He's what started it all! Then the other elephants are from either my or a friend's travels in Prague, India, Mexico, and Vietnam.

That's all. I just felt like sharing. I'm feeling like a kid today.
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