These Days with the Quiet Traveler

Monday, April 12, 2010

While in Japan I noticed my usual travel mix no longer resonated the way it once did. So I made a new one and the all-star, top tune was "These Days" by Nico. The first half of the song hits home hard:

I've been out walking
I don't do too much talking
These days, these days.
These days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do
And all the times I had the chance to.

I've stopped my rambling,
I don't do too much gambling
These days, these days.
These days I seem to think about
How all the changes came about my ways
And I wonder if I'll see another highway.

Phew. Glad that gambling problem isn't an issue anymore! Just kidding. Anyway, the song ebbs & flows in relevance to my life, but this time around, I found myself really really connecting to it... especially when I was walking the streets of Tokyo or sitting in a train, silently observing.

I've been in a strange contemplative mood lately that I can't seem to articulate. I think it comes from the realization that I have 3 weeks left in Asia. I went from having the long endless stretch of 7 months to a trifling 3 weeks. When I summarize how I've changed & all the moments & (sooooo many) feelings, it feels like a timeless whirlwind. Then, when I break it down by country, months, flights & sketchbooks, I realize I've been here for a very very long time. I had a lot of fears going into the move to Asia, mostly about missing out on life back in the US, and now, I'm just so happy I've made it. I have my last voyage of SE Asia exploration to Singapore where I'll be with friends & family, then two weeks in the Philippines, which will *hopefully* be enjoyed with the person I've missed the most.

Hanami In Japan, take 2

osaka castle marked my first visit to the cherry blossoms. so so pretty

Sketches of Japan: Part 3

I was mia from the computron this weekend. I spent it with Kristen & her family in Las Pinas touring around malls and all of metro Manila. It was fun! We even crafted while watching Glee :). We watched Shutter which made me soo snervous but I enjoyed it because it took place in Tokyo. Oh genki-ness, I miss that city...
Saethang section in my sketchbook like whoa.

Fell in love with this store in Tokyo

and it was closed... wah wah. But definitely snagging some ideas for the renegade craft fair booth :)

Tokyo Silliness!!

I just got tagged in this photo and I had to post. It just makes me giddy-giggle. Goodness Rick has really long arms.
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