Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four feet on the ground, a head full of foliage, looking at the world through the heart..."To find the balance you want," Ketut spoke through his translator, "this is what you must become. You must keep your feet grounded so firmly on the earth that it's like you have four legs, instead of two. That way, you can stay in the world. But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart, instead. That way you will know God."

Sukhothai, Thailand :)

While waiting for Akmal at Suria KLCC, I popped into Kinokuniya (best book store EVERRRRR) and picked up Eat, Pray, Live. I saw her talk on Ted, which I found so inspiring and I've been putting off reading the book (mainly I was afraid it was over-hyped). Wow. I connected to it immediately from how her relationship failing fueled her to start living for herself, traveling the world, to getting her palm read, learning foreign languages just to learn foreign languages, haha. And when I reached the excerpt above, I stopped reading and meditated in the store, which I'm sure was a strange sight for the Malaysians. I'm such a visual person and to finally have a vision for the person I want to be in regards to how I approach life and my spirituality... the world just seemed more within reach. I used to resent being such an emotional person (sooo many feeeelings) because it seemed to get me into trouble, but now I see it's the force that lets me live so confidently and happily. So go on. Get get get it. And when I say it, I mean love.

Elephant Nature Park part 4

This is more of a "OMG IM SOOO EXCITED" post... I'm going to donate a piece to the Elephant Nature Park art auction! All the money will go towards the park. It makes me so happy to be able to help and volunteer from where I am using my mad skillz. Weeee! And I've been sewing & catching up on TV (not bad for first full day back!). I love being home & working just as much as I love traveling. Oh what a delicious life!
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