Genevieve, Age 10

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Multicolored crayon covered with black crayon then etched away with a paper clip.
Yes. A paper clip

My mom called me a week ago explaining she had just found an art gem from the past. Tonight, she excitedly ran to the room to retrieve it & reunite us.

I remember very carefully scratching away to make the realistic basketball lines and the Nike check on Mickey's shoes. I poured hours into this piece, several more than the hour alloted in my 5th grade class. Crazy. I'm very impressed with my Pluto (no tracing!)! Not so impressed with the lingo I decided to include ('U kno wuz !'). I also do remember smiley faces on big t-shirts being 'big' that year. Pretty sure I owned Minnie's outfit. Oh, and I also like how everyone's eyeing each other (Daisy's such a flirt!).

As for figuring out when I made it... I didn't write a date or anything. But I did draw a crappy picture of Pocahontas on the back which makes me 10 years old. ZING!
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