Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I can't stay away from LA. Last time I was here, I was already searching for a reason to return. I found it in the form of Bob Wu's delivery of charmingwall gallery canvases & vending at LACE craft fair at the end of this month. Not too shabby, no?
Oh, it feels great to be back. Kevin & Bruce came over to Victo's and ate the chicken my mom cooked. Then we worked and worked the night awayI made more fabric tags! Yay!
Kevin graced us with his dessert... mochi, strawberry jam on graham crackers :)
Oh, another reason was to see b after essentially a year. Of course, OF COURSE, we met at Milk to go over my website and catch up.
He left quite the mess.
These are the sketches that came out as we talked.
Kevin & Rachel then shared their CSA delivery with Victo & me. Butternut squash.. yum!
Oh it feels so great to be back :)
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