Adventures in San Francisco!

Monday, August 09, 2010

I spent the weekend in SF with Jo & Marian. Swell, solid times.

Little garden of awkwardness.
Jo & I searched online for fun things to do. We found a music flea market with food, entertainment, etc. in the mission. So we headed in that direction, of course not before having Hot Cookie's chocolate chip toffee cookie & Bi-Rite's salty caramel ice cream. Yum!! A killer combo. Anyway, the three of us found the "flea market" and find that it's not that at all. It felt like we were crashing someone's backyard party. It was so quiet (no music....?!) and people were sitting on the ground. Strange strange strange. We left as soon as we arrived and escaped to the comforts of the Mission where we had...
Omg! I can hardly contain myself! It's IRA!
Haha ANYway, The Curiosity Shoppe had a new mini exhibit... about bow ties! How very proper. Perhaps that influenced my Mad Men dream that night.
We wandered into a used bookstore, where I started to read Proust Was a Neuroscientist by my boyfriend, Jonah Lehrer (he's not actually my bf, dang it). The bookstore had little drawings of the deceased in the storefront window. This one's for Biggers.
We met up with Ravi & Niko in the mission, & then waited more than an hour & a half for pizza at Pizzeria Delfina. SO worth it!! We had 4 different pizzas. I'd list them if I could remember but I definitely enjoyed the broccoli raab.
The girls bid the boys adieu, hopped on a bus to see some gangstas spin some magic.
Hands down the most poorly organized event I'd ever been to. We were told it'd be ok if we didn't print out our tickets... Apparently NOT OKAY. Folks (including myself) waited in line for more than an hour for the "list" to arrive. The ticket handlers were jerks and completely unsympathetic, the crowd mostly consisted of underage kiddies and ravers (?!?! Put that pacifier away!!! This is hip hop!!). Such a strange strange first hour. But once we got it, it was all gravy....
Surprisingly, Mayer rocked it like whoa. I hopped up on stage (yes, I was one of those girls) with help from our new friend Chris and joined the sausage fest that was jocking Mayer. Strangeness again!
Speaking of strange.... it felt like a frat party at many points. Ugh!
That's supposed to be us & A-trak but Chris doesn't know how to use an iphone, haha.
We had a good time overall. It was great listening to good music again.
Next morning, I had leftovers & olive oil ice cream for breakfast & headed back to Bart.
Of course, not before sketching the full house houses :)
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